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NOTE: The first visit will not immediately "solve" or "fix" the dog's behavior problem. There are no quick fixes. The first visit will help assess the severity of the problem you're living with, the possible risks and ramifications for your family and the public, and potential for improvement. At the consultation, we will discuss setting up additional appointments. The number of appointments recommended will depend on many factors.  Again one session will not be enough to change the behavior.

I offer behavior consultations for problems such as:

Based upon my consultation with you and your family members, along with an analysis of a history of the problem, I will observe and when appropriate, handle your dog. I will give you a preliminary assessment of your dog’s behaviors and help you:

The plan of action varies for each situation. A plan of action includes your commitment to:

Without your commitment, nothing will change.

Behavior modification involves applying principles of learning to change a behavior. The basic idea is to change a behavior from one that is undesirable to one that is desired or more acceptable. Behavior modification not only involves your dog, but also consists of teaching you and your family how to interact with your dog to correct/minimize/manage problems and help you manage and/or prevent problems. Behavior modification requires your time and commitment; it is not a quick fix.

I do NOT guarantee that your dog's behavior will be resolved after a behavior consultation. Your dog’s response depends upon many components such as: hereditary factors, puppy-hood experiences, current circumstances, and the amount of time you dedicate to changing your dog’s behavior. Such a mix of factors makes it impossible to accurately predict how any one dog will respond to training and behavior modification.

Behavior Consultations

Recommended Behaviorists

Fees for Behavior Consultations

In Person Consultation of 1 ½ hour - $125 plus sales tax of $7.95 for a total of $132.95

Additional Sessions of 1 hour each - $75 plus sales tax of $4.76 for a total of $79.76

You will be asked to fill out a detailed consultation form that I must have 48 hours BEFORE we meet.  You must sign my Behavior Consultation Agreement at our first session. You must show proof of your dog’s current vaccinations.  If you cancel less than 48 before your appointment, you will be billed for the full fee.