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Clients Speak

   “First, I want to thank you for everything you have done in guiding my dog to a level that far exceeded my expectations 8 weeks ago. You also taught me it is as much my responsibility, if not more to help her succeed. You are an inspiration.”  Bob

  “I hired another trainer to help me with my dog jumping on guests.  The trainer kneed my dog in the chest, flipped the dog on the floor and said he needed to hold the dog down until the dog stopped screaming.   I fired him and hired Karen.  Her approach was kind and gentle and my dog enjoyed the session as did we.”  Kathy

“Unlike other trainers Karen showed me how consistency rather than harsh treatment was the most effective way to reinforce obedience. Several years after the class my dog is still a happy and well adjusted member of the family.” Tom

“We hired Karen to help us with our new rescue - a cattle dog - not an easy breed! She did a consultation with us that was superb. She was clear, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. Private lessons were a huge help to us. She was accommodating, coming to our home, and really helped us with our initial anxieties around caring for our new dog. I have recommended her without reservation to friends who have new dogs in their lives.”  - Paula

“Karen has worked with me with two of my dogs (so far!). Karen trains not only the dog, but the owner, as well. In fact, she may be training the owners more than the dogs, and that training then provides a lifetime of help to the owners and all of their subsequent dogs!. Karen is very humane, teaches in an easy to understand way, and I've never failed to see real positive progress as a result. Her classes are reasonably priced and provide value for the cost. She has a broad range of knowledge and experience, with training offered from the baby puppy stage right up through obstacle course and nose work. My younger dog was absolutely a wild child when I got her, I was considering taking her back to the breeder, she was that wild and unmanageable. Karen and her classes have helped me to have a great dog, with manners and good behavior, that I would have otherwise given up on. I highly recommend Karen as a Trainer or as a person. You won't go wrong either way!”  - Mildred