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Training Methods

Motivation and Dogs

If your boss did not pay you, would you go to work? If your boss constantly berated you for your mistakes, but never praised you for your good work, would you like her very much? I doubt it. If you are that kind of "boss" to your dog, you could be ruining your relationship with a beautiful, loving, intelligent friend.

We all need motivation whether it be praise, money, or prestige. Dogs need to be motivated to work just like we do. Food rewards are used to teach and reward new behaviors. Dogs will work for food, attention, and other life rewards such as dinner, walks, petting, and games.

Gradually you will wean your dog off food as a reward and teach him/her to work for life rewards.

Principles of Positive Training

Equipment Used

NO choke chains(AKA training collars) prong collars, or electric collars needed or used.

Positive Training Methods are